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Equinox Urban Housing offers real estate and personalized consulting services.


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In accordance with the provisions contained in Article 5.1 15/1999 of December 13th of the Spanish Data Protection Law, it is herein stated:

  1. That all personal data submitted to Equinox Urban Housing will be included in a confidential file called “Equinox UH”, of which Equinox Housing Urban FNI V 26070310 is sole responsible.
  2. That the sole recipient of any personal data received is EQUINOX URBAN HOUSING and that such data will only be used for the elaboration of quotations, contract drafts and confirmations of any possible rental. In case you are not interested in receiving such communications, please send an email expressing your will to info@equinoxuh.com.
  3. Users may exercise their right of access, modification, cancellation or disagreement to any of their personal data contained in Equinox Urban Housing files by sending an email to info@equinoxuh.com.


A. Photographs: all photographs contained in our site are published in order for the prospective client to have an idea, as accurate as possible, of the offered property, which may change at any time. Please verify property dimensions and conditions.

B. Website information on the apartment/house/commercial premises are subject to change at any time.

C. The data of each apartment/house/commercial premises is not binding of a closed tender or an agreement. Equinox Urban Housing and no other related agent have full authority to make claims on the apartment/house/commercial premises. Therefore, all the information is free from liability by the agents, lessor(s) or seller(s). We recommend that in agreeing to the signing of documents relating to the apartment/house/commercial premises, the clients exercise their right to consult an expert appraiser or, as necessary, conduct prior research for verifying data such as dimensions or economic burdens.