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Are you searching for apartments for rent in Spain? Have you been looking for the best flat rental agency in Spain? If so, you are in the right place. Finding a rental flat in Spain can be challenging and time-consuming, especially for a foreigner. Lucky for you, Equinox Urban Housing has got your housing needs covered.

At Equinox Urban Housing, we believe that real estate should be more than just selling and renting properties. That's why we value closeness and awareness of the client's priorities over everything else. With years of matching our clients with their perfect homes, you can feel totally at ease as you leave your real estate needs in our experienced hands.

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Rent a flat in Spain with Equinox Urban Housing

At Equinox Urban Housing, we have a wide range of attractive and affordable apartments for rent in Spain. The monthly rents for these apartments vary, depending on the size, number of bedrooms and available facilities. Here are some of the quality and affordable apartments available for clients looking to rent a flat in Spain.

mid term flat for rent in spain

Mid-term rental apartments

(stays over 32 nights) - We also have flats for mid-term rental in Spain to accommodate clients who need accommodation for a few weeks or months. If you are looking for a place to live for a few months while you complete your projects or a rental space close to a major city such as Barcelona or Madrid, we've got what you need in our catalogue.

long term flat for rent in spain

Long-term rental apartments

If you are searching for an apartment for long term rental in Spain, then we have got the best options for you. Whether you are looking for a flat with a terrace, lift or several bedrooms, Equinox Urban Housing has got you covered.

unfurnished flat for rent in spain

Furnished and unfurnished apartments

At Equinox Urban Housing, we have your needs taken care of, whether you intend to rent furnished apartments in Spain or looking to settle in an unfurnished flat and add a personal touch. We understand that furnishing a short-term apartment can be costly, especially for individuals who need accommodation for a few months. That's why we have both fully furnished and unfurnished apartments to match all our clients' needs.

student flat for rent in spain

Student rental

Are you a student searching for an off-campus apartment where you can easily commute to and from school? If so, then we have got just the perfect space for you. Our students' rental apartments are properly maintained to ensure your accommodation needs are well catered for during your college years. Also, most of our students' rental flats are strategically located near respective schools and have other facilities such as cafés, wi-fi, swimming pools and fully equipped gyms.

All our apartments are well maintained to meet the standards required by our clients. In areas of major cities such as Madrid and Barcelona, we have a wide range of high quality flats with beautiful terraces, secure access to the buildings and city views.

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Rental market in Spain

The Spanish rental market consists of both individuals devoted to long-term housing and those interested in medium-term stays. Mid-term rental apartments in Spain are common in the coastal areas of towns such as Barcelona.  Middle term apartments in other cities such as Madrid are available for individuals who need temporary accommodations as they commute to and from these major cities of Spain.

Long-term rental apartments are available all around Spain, both in major cities and small towns. Settling in major areas such as Chamberi in Madrid and Ciutat Vella in Barcelona offers you a great chance to experience the Spanish culture at its finest. Being the biggest city in Spain, Madrid is often considered the hub of Spanish culture, with cultural spots such as Prado Museum and Puerta del Sol. On the other hand, Barcelona has many highly sought-for long-term apartments in areas such as Old Town and the Gothic quarter. This city's central zone is well connected by public transport to the rest of Barcelona's areas.

Whether you intend to settle in a well-furnished mid-term apartment in a major city such as Barcelona or an unfurnished long-term flat in other cities such as Madrid, we have the perfect fit for you.

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