Apartments for Rent in Ciutat Vella Barcelona


Ciutat Vella, which translates to "old town" in Catalan, is a district of Barcelona particularly rich in history and culture. Located right in the heart of the Catalan capital, it is home to a number of well-known neighborhoods like El Born and Barceloneta. Renting an apartment in Ciutat Vella with Equinox Urban Housing will make it quick and easy to find the right apartment for you in this well-known neighborhood.

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Apartments in Ciutat Vella Barcelona

Renting apartments in Ciutat Vella in Barcelona

Certainly the historic district of central Barcelona is one of the most popular for renting an apartment, loft or duplex for long or medium term stays. As well as being an architectural marvel with a vast historical and cultural heritage, the Ciutat Vella is also home to some of the city's trendiest and most famous restaurants. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Barcelona due to its abundance of shops, bohemian atmosphere and various cultural activities. If you have already discovered Ciutat Vella as a tourist and want to live there, call on Equinox Urban Housing. Indeed, we can advise you on the best apartments in the area. We will offer you studios, lofts, duplexes that fully meet your requirements. To facilitate your move,  we offer fully furnished and equipped apartment rentals in Ciutat Vella.

The Ciutat Vella district in Barcelona

La Ciutat Vella was the original district of Barcelona, ​​emerging from a city wall that surrounded the old town. This is the historic center of the city as it is the oldest part of Barcelona. In addition, it is one of the liveliest and most diverse areas of the city with winding alleys and stunning Gothic architecture next to contemporary and vibrant restaurants, shops and bars.

To help you find your way around, know that the old town is divided into four distinct districts. The Raval, a cosmopolitan and dynamic district, very attached to cultural sites and perfect for art lovers. The Gothic Quarter, with its unique architecture and small traditional streets is also very popular. As for Born, it is the most popular and bohemian part of the neighborhood. Finally, Barceloneta is the seaside district. Go there if you want to walk along the port and / or bathe in the warm waters of the Mediterranean.

Rent an apartment in Ciutat Vella, BarcelonaRent an apartment in Ciutat Vella with Equinox

Rent an apartment in Ciutat Vella with Equinox Urban Housing

When looking for an apartment rental in Ciutat Vella, there are several things to consider. These depend on your needs and requirements. Equinox Urban Housing real estate agents are therefore available  to help you find an apartment in Ciutat Vella for  long or medium term stays. Our experts help you use your time efficiently. They sort the rentals available for you according to your search criteria for your new apartment to rent in Ciutat Vella.

In addition, at Equinox Urban Housing we help you protect your interests. Our professionals help you in the process of apartment rental in Ciutat Vella by accompanying you through each stage of your rental.

Our real estate agents are definitely able to help you discover Barcelona and recommend schools, daycares, places of entertainment, shops, restaurants and dog parks if you need them. They are the essential help you need to find your next Ciutat Vella apartment rental.

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