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With the incredible benefits of off-campus living, moving to a student apartment for rent in Barcelona may be a good idea. In this Catalan city, most students struggle to settle off-campus as it can be challenging to navigate through the real estate industry. After all, you have to decide where to live and how much you can afford to spend on rent monthly.

Since many students find it challenging to manoeuvre through the real estate market, the best solution to find accommodation is to seek the help of a real estate agency in Barcelona. With the help of these agencies, it is easier and faster for students to find the best apartments because real estate agents are professionals and know where to look.

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One of the biggest decisions you may have to make as a student is choosing where to live. Even though there are many options, students’ accommodation always comes down to off-campus or on-campus living. Before you make a decision, you need to know about the benefits of off-campus living.

  • Off-Campus Living is more affordable

    Many students often feel that on-campus living is a more affordable option. However, you will notice that it is a little more costly than living off-campus once you dig into the numbers. By looking for a flat off-campus, in the rest of the city, you have the opportunity to access cheaper flats for rent that match your criteria.

  • Change environment and discover Barcelona 

    The biggest drawback of living on campus is the lack of change. By staying in the heart of Barcelona, you will have the opportunity to discover the wonderful and typical areas of the city, with restaurants, bars and other leisure activities.

  • Off-campus living offers you independence

    With on-campus living, you do not have the liberty to decide your meals or furniture. However, off-campus living allows you to decide everything concerning how you live and arrange your apartment.

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Whether you are a student at IESEESADE, EU Business School, EAE or any other university in Barcelona, one question you might be asking yourself is: Where will I live as a student in Barcelona? While the answer depends on convenience and monthly rent, you still have to choose the best student neighbourhood.

Suppose you study in universities in Ciutat Vella, such as Pompeu Fabra University and Geneva Business School. In that case, you can rent students’ apartments in neighbourhoods such as El Raval, El Born or La Barceloneta.

On the other hand, students in universities and business schools in Les Corts such as ESADE and IESE Business School can settle in neighbourhoods such as Tres Torres, Sarria, Les Corts or La Maternitat.

For students studying in Eixample, like those at the University of Barcelona and EADA Business School, the best zones would be Urgell, Sant Antoni and Nova Esquerra.

Call on Equinox Urban Housing to Rent your Student Flat in Barcelona

As mentioned earlier, it can be challenging to manoeuvre through the Barcelonian real estate industry. For that reason, it may be a good idea to find a competent real estate agent to help you rent a student flat in Barcelona.

With plenty of experience in the real estate market, Equinox Urban Housing is one of the proven real estate agencies in the industry today. Using our house matching services ensures you peace of mind as we always put our client’s priorities before anything else.

Our catalogue consists of a wide range of apartments. Through collaborations with several property managers, we can maintain our apartments to meet our client’s standards. Contact us at Equinox Urban Housing today if you need a student apartment for rent in Barcelona.

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