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Are you struggling to find a house for rent in Barcelona? Do you need the help of an experienced real estate agency in Barcelona? If the answer is yes, then you have just made the first steps towards securing one of the best rental houses in Barcelona. With the complications in the housing market today, it can be challenging to find a suitable place to live. Fortunately, Equinox Urban Housing is dedicated to helping out clients that are looking to rent a house in Barcelona.

At Equinox Urban Housing, we understand the complexities in the housing industry concerning our clients’ needs. That’s why we put the needs and requirements of our customers above everything else. If you are looking to rent a house in Barcelona, you no longer have to spend endless hours staring and scrolling down your screen trying to find a perfect match. Contact us today at Equinox Urban Housing if you need a reliable real estate agency in Barcelona.

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Rent a House in Barcelona with Equinox Urban Housing

Our catalogue at Equinox Urban Housing consists of a variety of houses with different rental costs depending on factors such as location, size and additional facilities. Therefore, you will find the perfect spot that ticks off your checklist, whether you need a house with a terrace or looking to rent a furnished house in Barcelona. The primary categories of rental houses available in our catalogue are long-term and mid-term properties. These two categories are further subdivided into groups such as furnished and unfurnished houses, among other sub-groups.

long term rentbal barcelona

If you are looking for a long-term rental in Barcelona, we have got just the perfect option for you. Whether you want to settle with your family in a long term unfurnished house or want a fully furnished home where you can conveniently commute to and from the city, we have got you covered.

These long-term rental houses are a good choice for individuals who want to temporarily relocate to Barcelona or those exploring the idea of permanent relocation to Catalonia. We also have long-term houses with improved accessibility features to ensure a user-friendly experience for all our clients. Therefore, you no longer have to struggle when looking for suitable accommodation if you use a wheelchair, a cane or a mobility scooter.

At Equinox Urban Housing, we also have mid-term rental in Barcelona for individuals in need of temporary accommodation. Our self-contained and fully furnished mid-term rental properties are a good option for individuals looking to avoid the unnecessary extra costs of hotel living.

These med-term properties are available across the city and are primarily concentrated in the coastal areas of Barcelona

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Furnished or not, our rental houses are adequately maintained to meet the highest standards, providing the best quality accommodation for our clients. Through regular maintenance such as changing the filters of  air conditioning systems, gardening in terraces, and cleaning,  we can ensure the property is in good condition for you to move in as soon as you can.

Properties for Rent in Barcelona

Rental Market in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the Spanish cities with a booming real estate industry. The Spanish real estate market has flourished primarily due to many factors such as a more flexible market, changes in mentality towards housing and different legislative changes in terms of real estate and fiscal laws. With plenty of affordable long-term and mid-term properties for rent in the Barcelona’s districts such as Poblenou and Gracia, the rental market will continue to grow with time.

Prime districts such as Ciutat Vella and Eixample are some of the best places to settle if you are looking for a long term rental in Barcelona. In Ciutat Vella, or Old Town, you can settle in one of the four small neighbourhoods; the main boulevard, Las Ramblas, Plaza of Catalunya and Old Port. Being one of the oldest districts in Barcelona, Ciutat Vella is probably the best spot to rent a house if you want to experience Barcelona culture first hand.

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Mid-term rentals in Barcelona are available across the city but more concentrated in areas close to the beach. If you want a temporary house for rent, you can choose to settle in neighbourhoods such as El Poblenou and La Barceloneta.
At Equinox Urban Housing, we offer you the best yet affordable rental houses located across the entire city of Barcelona. Visit Equinox Urban Housing today to check out available options as you look for a house for rent in Barcelona.

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