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If you are looking for a studio for rent in Spain, the first step you should take is finding a reliable real estate agency. But why do you need a real estate agent when planning to rent a studio in Spain?

Whether you are a foreigner or a local, navigating through the Spanish rental market can be challenging. Same as in any part of the world, tenants and landlords often find themselves on separate sides of the fence regarding property rental. For that reason, you may need the help of an excellent real estate agency in Spain whenever you need to find a rental property.

Equinox Urban Housing is one of the finest real estate agencies in the Spanish market today. With more than seven years of property management experience in the market, we have created a broad network that allows us to find you a rental studio that suits your needs and requirements. We believe that the housing business should not be exclusively business-oriented; that’s why we cherish stronger bonds and respect our client’s priorities.

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Rent a Studio Apartment in Spain with Equinox Urban Housing

Here at Equinox Urban Housing, we offer our clients a wide range of long-term and mid-term rental studio apartments. We have different options ranging from regular studio to alcove and convertible studio apartments. Equinox Urban Housing understands how stressful moving can be, especially if you are from outside Spain. Additionally, we know that our clients may want to personalise their studio apartments, depending on their needs. For these reasons, we offer both fully furnished and unfurnished studio apartments.

rent studio apartment spain

Our regular studio apartments come with spacious kitchens and full-sized bathrooms. We also have alcove studio apartments for clients that want to personally decorate their living space. Our alcove studio apartments offer a spacious living area and a stylish sleeping space with their L-shape design. If you are looking for a space big enough for you and your roommate or family, you may want to check our convertible studio apartments. These are big enough that you can divide the space to create separate rooms.

In collaboration with some of the best property management companies, all our studio apartments are well-managed and maintained to meet our client’s requirements. Some have terraces and fully-equipped kitchens.  Do not hesitate to contact us today for an exclusive take through concerning the type of studio apartments, location, sizes and price ranges.

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Rental Market in Spain

Same as most parts of the world today, the Spanish rental market is rapidly growing. Although you can find different types of flats and apartments in any part of the country, they are majorly concentrated in major cities and coastal areas. Foreign students and executive employees frequent the cities of Spain and seek accommodation in coastal regions such as Badalona and Eixample, Barcelona for quick access to the beach.

In the Spanish capital, Madrid, real estate is booming with a variety of long-term and mid-term apartments in areas such as Chueca, Lavapies and Malasana. Neighbourhoods such as Barrio de Las Letras and the Gothic quarter are best for families looking for long-term relocation to the Spanish capital. Students who want to commute to and from school easily can settle in some of the most affordable apartments in neighbourhoods such as El Bercial and El Poblenou.

The Spanish rental market can have many complications, making it challenging to find the perfect studio apartment that suits your preferences. However, Equinox Urban Housing is here to make your property  hunting experience easier and faster. Check our website for the studio rental we have lined up for you either in Barcelona or Madrid.

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