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Searching and settling in a studio for rent in Barcelona is not always an easy task. Although the market offers many studio apartments for rent, most people still struggle to locate the best studio that suits their preferences. For that reason, many individuals turn to real estate agencies in Barcelona for help when trying to find a place to live in.

Studio apartment rental is a booming business in most parts of Barcelona as many individuals prefer them over other apartments. With a studio apartment, you do not have to worry about extra cleaning and paying high utility bills as they are generally smaller than other types of rental apartments.

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Studios in Barcelona

Rent a Studio Apartment in Barcelona with Equinox Urban Housing

Here at Equinox Urban Housing, we offer a variety of studio apartments spread across Barcelona. These studio apartments are either for long-term or mid term rental. Most of them have additional facilities such as a terrace or ample kitchen.

The primary categories of studio apartments available in Barcelona today include:

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  • Regular studio apartments - These one-roomed apartments come with a full-size bathroom and kitchen
  • Alcove studio apartments - Our alcove studio apartments are more similar to regular studios. However, they have L partitions in the living area, creating a perception of more space.
  • Convertible/flex studio apartments - These studios have the same features as regular studios. However, they are big enough to create more space for partitions when you need additional rooms.

If you are staying in Barcelona for a temporary period of time, we have several studios to suggest. These mid-term studio apartments are available in most neighbourhoods in Barcelona but are concentrated in areas where foreign residents live. Our long-term studio apartments are well suited for people looking to relocate permanently to Barcelona. Whether you are a student or an employee, we have something that would suit your needs.

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The most wanted studios in Barcelona

The real estate industry in Barcelona offers a multitude of options for living, ranging from penthouses, mansions, studio apartments, among other housing options. Same as other parts of Spain, landlords still run the majority percentage of the real estate industry.

However, the scales are tipping as real estate agencies such as Equinox Urban Housing continue to accumulate properties in areas such as Ciutat Vella, Les Corts and Sarria-Sant Gervasi.

If you want to rent a studio in Barcelona, you may want to get the help of a real estate agent as they understand the market and know where to find the best deals. The city offers a wide range of top-quality alcove and convertible studio apartments in prime Barcelona districts such as Gracia and Sant Marti. If you come to Barcelona for a few weeks, you can settle in El Poble Nou. The District has the best studio apartments with easy access to the sea and other essential parts of the city.

flat studio for rent barcelona

Rent your studio in Barcelona with us!

If you are looking for a real estate agency to rent your studio in Barcelona, do not hesitate to contact us. Since our establishment in 2014, we have helped many clients find a place to live and landlords to find the perfect tenants in different parts of Spain. Our team of experienced real estate agents believes in fostering robust relations with our clients by prioritizing their interests and needs.

Our services are exclusive and client-centred to ensure that a client  finds the perfect rental property that satisfies its preferences. We also combine forces with property management companies in Barcelona to ensure that we keep our studio apartments in good condition for the next client. Contact us today at Equinox for some of the best studio apartments in Barcelona.

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