How Much Does it Cost to Live as a Student in Barcelona?

January 4, 2022

If you have researched "student living Barcelona", you must have noticed that off-campus living can be quite a challenge if you are new in the city. Though renting an apartment in this Catalonian city is cheaper than other European cities, like London and Paris, some students may take longer to find an apartment they can afford due to lack of information.

So, how can we know that our budget will be enough to maintain a particular lifestyle in Barcelona? This article provides some tips on how to live as a student.

Cost of Renting a Room in Barcelona as an Erasmus Student

If you want to rent a room in Barcelona Erasmus, you should research the Barcelona real estate market to estimate the cost. Most students who want to rent a room in Barcelona Erasmus face the challenge of finding accommodation within their budget.

Though the cost of renting an apartment in Barcelona has been increasing over the past few years due to the increasing number of high-income international students and workers, rent in this Catalonian city is lower than the capital, Madrid. You can use the cost of living calculator internationally to confirm.

The average rent per room in Barcelona is around €500 if you live in a shared apartment close to the city center. Though this may seem higher than some other towns in Spain, it is around 70% lower than renting a room in New York.

How to live cheaply as a student in Barcelona?

Tips for Managing the Cost of Living if you are an International Student

If you want to minimize the cost of living in Barcelona, you must budget for all the expenses like accommodation, food, leisure and transport. In this case, accommodation should be the first cost to consider when planning to stay in Barcelona. Most students in Barcelona live in shared apartments near the city center, thanks to their proximity to universities and leisure points.

The other expense to add to your budget as a student in Barcelona is the cost of lunch and dinner. Most student apartments in the city come with a fully equipped kitchen where you can cook cheaper and healthier meals. Alternatively, you can dine out at an average cost of €15-€20 per meal in a standard restaurant.

It is also cheaper to use a monthly public transport card for your transport needs, as it costs around €40. However, most students live in the city center, where they can walk to most places.

Lastly, you have to budget for night entertainment and other leisure activities. An entrance to a nightclub will cost between €10 and €30, depending on the number of drinks provided. Other forms of entertainment include theater and visiting major attractions, like museums.

How to Live Cheaply as a Student

Any student who wants to live cheaply in Barcelona must come up with smart ways to minimize the expenses above. For example, you can rent an apartment where utilities are included in the monthly rent. Also, you can decide to share a room with a friend and split the cost.

Another top tip on how to live cheaply as a student is to minimize your transport cost by renting an apartment close to your university or getting a yearly subscription for a bicycle network. Lastly, you can take advantage of student discounts to minimize the cost of food and other essential supplies.

Best students flats in Barcelona with Equinox

How Much Should a Student Spend a Month?

Student living in Barcelona is not cheap. Due to the high number of international students in Barcelona, the cost of living in Barcelona has steadily increased over the years. So, how much should a student spend a month? The answer to this question may vary, depending on an individual's lifestyle.

Rent prices and food in this Catalonia city may be higher than other Spanish cities, but it is still below the European average. You can use the cost of living calculator internationally to identify your average cost of living in Barcelona, depending on your lifestyle.

What to Take into Account When Renting a Room

The most important things to consider when looking for student accommodation in Barcelona are price, location and safety. You should ensure that your chosen location is close to your university and other areas that you visit frequently if you want to save on the cost of transport. If you're going to rent a cheaper apartment out of town, you should first compare the amount saved on rent to the total transport cost per month.

The best option when looking for student flats in Barcelona is hiring the services of a real estate agent. These professionals will ensure a problem-free search, thanks to their deep knowledge of the Barcelona real estate market.

Where to Find the Best Student Flats in Barcelona

It will take less time to find student flats in Barcelona if you involve a local real estate agency. The agents will apply their experience in the field and their wide connections to find the perfect student apartment for you quickly.

At Equinox Urban Housing, we have some of the best student apartments in popular student neighborhoods like Raval, El Born, La Barceloneta, Tres Torres, Sarria, San Antoni and many more. We will also evaluate your needs and advise about the cost aspect of "student living Barcelona".


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