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If you are a seasoned tenant, you must know the struggles one might face when looking for a house for rent in Spain. You can weigh the pros and cons of hiring the services of a real estate agency in Spain to help ease the entire house hunting process. The Spanish housing market can have plenty of challenges for any individual, especially if you are from another country. That’s why it is the best decision to hire the best real estate agency with extensive market knowledge and a vast professional network.

If you have been looking for such a real estate agency to help you rent a property in Spain, you have come to the right place. At Equinox Urban Housing, we prioritize the needs of our clients as we believe the housing industry should be more than just the buying, selling and renting of a property. Contact us today for our exclusive house matching services at an affordable price.

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Rent a House in Spain with Equinox Urban Housing

As one of Spain’s best real estate agencies, we pride ourselves on matching our clients with perfect places to live. We offer different types of houses in various parts of Spain. Meaning, you will find anything you need, whether it is a mid-term property rental or a long term rental in Spain. Our rental properties can be furnished or unfurnished, depending on your needs as a client. Additionally, our properties vary in size, with different types and numbers of bedrooms, to ensure we can accommodate you whether you have a family or not.

If you are visiting Spain for a temporary period of time and do not want to incur the extra costs of a hotel room, you should contact us for the best mid-term options. These properties suit people looking for comfortable and affordable accommodation during their medium-term stays. We also have plenty of mid-term properties in and around major Spanish cities. These are suitable for individuals who need accommodation and easy access to major cities, such as Barcelona and Madrid, for business or leisure reasons.

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For someone thinking of permanent relocation to Spain, we have the perfect accommodation for you. With confortable and well-managed properties, we can ensure you enjoy your stay in any zone of Barcelona. Our long-term rental properties are majorly located in serene environments in the heart of the city or in the surrounding area. These long-term rental properties vary in size to accommodate a single individual or a large family.

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Rental Market in Spain

Compared to any other European country, Spain has the highest number of households renting their homes. A large percentage of renters comprise students and tourists. Though international and local companies have started developing and managing properties recently, the Spanish rental market is still majorly run by nonprofessional landlords. In Spain, rental properties are spread all around the country. Mid-term properties are concentrated in cities along the coastline, such as Barcelona, Valencia and Malaga. Often, individuals that need vacation houses for their holidays settle in areas such as Barceloneta, Barcelona, Almassera, Valencia. Settling in these areas makes it easier to combine sightseeing with easy access to the beach.

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Most people, whether tourists, students or workers, settle in areas such as Madrid and Seville. Often considered the hub of Spanish culture, Madrid is the most attractive place to settle if you cherish nightlife. Areas such as Chueca and Salamanca are some of Madrid’s most stylish and dynamic neighbourhoods, which often suit night-lifers.

For individuals that want a serene environment to settle in Spain, our rental properties in cities such as Barcelona and Madrid provide the best accommodation. Spain has some of the best road and railway infrastructure,  in the entire world. Therefore, you do not have to worry about accessing major cities, whether you settle within the capital or in a remote environment.

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