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Equinox Urban Housing is your real estate agency in Catalonia. Our project began with a casual conversation between two friends back in 2014 and seven years later, we are an established real estate agency with many happy clients.

From our location in the heart of Barcelona, our team takes pride in helping clients find their perfect home. And because we understand that sometimes the concept of “home” is temporary, we specialize in this type of rentals.

Whether  you are looking for a long or mid-term rental, you can be sure that the team at Equinox Urban Housing will put your needs and dreams first. We are here to listen to your requirements and turn them into realities.

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Houses for rent in Barcelona

Are you thinking of moving to Barcelona and looking for a house to rent? Discover the Equinox Urban Housing selection!
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Rent a House in Catalonia with Equinox Urban Housing

If you are looking for a house for rent in Catalonia, at Equinox Urban Housing you will find an attractive range of first-rate properties. These are some of the property types you can find in our site:

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  • Apartments in the trendiest and most central locations, which will suit families and young professionals.
  • Studios and penthouses in centrally located apartment buildings. These typically appeal to digital nomads, temporary workers, and travellers.
  • Urban houses with an above-average square footage and private outdoor space. These properties suit the needs of groups who require mid-term accommodation or families with different lifestyle needs.

Because we want to offer our clients a flawless experience, at Equinox Urban Housing we also offer a wide range of additional real estate services. These include:

  • Property cleaning;
  • Professional maintenance and repairs;
  • Property inventory services..
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Whether you want to rent or buy a house, the Equinox team is committed to help you find your dream home. Our real estate agency in Catalonia is here to offer support and independent advice in every stage of the process, because we believe that the real estate industry needs to have a human side.

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Rental market in Catalonia

The rental market in Catalonia is among the strongest and most competitive in Spain. For decades, the area has attracted a growing number of people looking for a house for rent in Catalonia, whether it is for business or leisure purposes.

For example, it is common for business people to rent a furnished flat in Catalonia to entertain clients or for team building exercises. Temporary rentals (stays over 32 nights) in Catalonia are also a popular option for leisure, as they offer an interesting setting for family celebrations and for anyone looking for a much-needed change of scenery.

On the other hand, long term rentals in Catalonia are in high demand due to the region’s strong economy and active job market. This is particularly true of hubs of economic activity, like Barcelona and its metropolitan area.

Within the area, penthouses and rural homes are the most sought after properties, but the market is diverse enough to offer something of interest to everyone.

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